Thursday, September 8, 2011

Days 2-6 - On the Road...

No, I haven't given up already... On September 2nd, Violet, the Boy and I packed up and headed to Cleveland for the Labor Day weekend. A 20-hr round-trip drive was not conducive to sketching. I promise to make up for Day 2, which I spent from noon-midnight behind the wheel, but here are days 3-6.

Day 3: Violet

Violet loves to travel. At 12 weeks she boarded a plane to Cleveland after spending only 2 days at her new home with the Boy and me. She was very excited to get back to Cleveland to see her human grandparents, aunts and uncles as well as her furry cousins and friends. As usual she was a trooper for the trip. Calm and cool in the backseat.

Day 4 - Do you know your state insect?

My parents work on the weekly crossword and other newspaper puzzles together. As I was getting ready Saturday morning, I heard my mom ask "what's the state insect of Ohio?". It came to me immediately - the ladybug! I'm not sure where I pulled this bit of knowledge from, I'm pretty sure I've been hanging onto it since 5th grade Social Studies. Do you know what your state insect is?

Day 5 - Tattoos

On Sunday my parents renewed their vows after 60 years of marriage! At the mass, my mom's friend was also celebrating 55 years of marriage. We sat behind her in church, and I noticed a small butterfly tattoo peeking out of her shirt collar. My mom told me her friend had gotten it recently, which I think is pretty cool. This made me think about getting a new tattoo, and one of the images I always think of is the seahorse. It's widely thought that seahorses mate for life. They engage in courtship dances where they swim tails entwined or rest in sea-grasses bobbing side-by-side. The male often stays close to home, carries and gives birth to the babies, which sounds good to me. ;)

Day 6 - Vegas

Last day of vacation, I stayed home to unpack, do laundry and recuperate from the drive. Someone was very happy to see me - Vegas. She spent every moment of the day glued to my side. She slept next to me, she bathed next to me, she was my shadow. Think she missed me?

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